The Bullet Minnow was designed for one thing, to catch fish. Designed for super long casting to cover a lot of water without spooking fish. They have an aggressive swim action that fish love to hit. I don’t know of any other hard body that can cast as far and this is why they are named it the Bullet Minnow. The new Bullet Lures are already a proven fish weapon for all species in fresh and salt water.
There are 24 colours to choose from. Trout and Redfin colours for the fresh water to Prawn colours for Bream and Flathead estuary waters.

There are 3 Models to choose from


 Weight between 5g to 5.4g and will swim in all conditions of water including fast water without tumbling over. Has a tight action and on sinking this lure in most cases sinks level with a wobble action while sinking. Also good for long casts INKING MODEL


Weight Between 3.9g to 4g. A great lure to retrieve and pause to entice a strike of the fussiest fish like bream and has a wide swim action also. This is a great lure also when the fish are aggressive and the rattle annoys them enough to strike the lure.

This is another successful trolling lure that sits between 3 to 4 feet under the surface with rattles that annoys aggressive fish and has been a great lure when there is a little colour in the water.

This lure has accounted for many fish while trolling with the floating model also as if you don’t hook up on one you will hook up on the other.

If you had a chance to try the 3cm Bullet minnow then you will know how good the new Five-0 Minnow is going to be. If you haven’t tried one then you don’t know what you’re missing out on.


Weight between 3.6g to 3.9g. The floating model has a wide swim action and is great floating down rivers with over hanging tree and on retrieve will sit between 2 to 3 feet also great for weedy shallow lakes and rivers. Has also been a very successful lure on the troll at around 4 to 4.2 kph but vary your speed until you find the right one.


Well itds was simple really the finish on these aussie lures is nothing short of amazing. We were lucky enough to test these lures, well the swim action blew us away then we started hooking fish after fish and not to mention the wicked colour range. So we rang jason and said we want you on board and jason said likewise we want to be apart of the team so welcome on board BULLET LURES.