Our squid jig Story

why we chose to venture in to Aussie made and owned jigs.

An Idea is Born TB2F custom jigs

We were thinking why isn't there more Aussie made jigs out there?. This is what sparked my ideas in squid jig making, so an idea was born, now I can announce that the date they will be on the web store is may 2nd. With full range available (picture used is the testing range images of full range will be up dated in a few days) we can't wait to see you guys smashing the squid with them these jig's are all slightly different from the next, this is cause they are custom hand made which makes every jig unique. That is what makes our jigs stand out from the rest, that every jigs is slightly different from the next. 


There will be 3 types in the TB2F range.

1, TB2F custom range that has the TB2F glow decal on the back, that is protected by resin that will give the squid an attack point.

2.( coming soon)The TB2F jigs (pictured on the left in sample picture) That are a hard body squid jig, in the proven and tested colours that will have the squid go crazy.

3.(coming soon) The TB2F glow range that will have a glow point on the jig, to get the squid attention.