100% Australian made and owned. 


The TB2F lure scent is designed to catch Aussie fish. This scent allows you to enhance what ever lure or soft plastic you are using, making it perfect from salt fishing to freshwater fishing, using a special kind of fish attracting flakes in the scent to reflect the light that also gets the fishes' attention even in murky water. Product testing has shown the scent lasts for least 5/6 cast when flicking, and trolling we would recommend replying in roughly 30 to 40 min if you wish to do so to top up the scent.   

Why TB2F lure scent?

TB2F lure scent has been designed for Aussie fish.

We spent months designing our scent and making our sent  to be the best, using Australian products so its designed for Aussie fish. The aim was always to use Australian products to support local company's, when you purchase our scent you know its 100% Australian made lure scent. So grab some TB2F lure scent and have some fun catching fish, from freshwater to salt water you will have the unfair advantage over the others fishing.