Tranquil rises

Victoria's hidden fishing paridise 

Tranquil rises

Tranquil rises is located in flowerdale victoria. It's only around 1.5 hr drive from melbourne, making it perfect for a fishing trip with the boys or the family, its a fishing paradise. With 2 cabins if you are wanting to stay the night with all the creature comforts. If you are not wanting a overnight stay you can just come down for a days fishing.

The cabins

The two cabins on the property have a real country feel to them. perfect for a weekend getaway with the boys or the family, making it perfect with wood fireplaces and bunks to get a few hours shut eye, cause lets face it with all those fish just outside the cabin sleep will be last thing on your mind. They both have power running to them with fridges and stoves so you still can cook up a feast.

The fish.

Where do we start!!!!!!! let's start with the trout they have. Tranquil rises has all 4 trout species, making it perfect for you to have a good day they have, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, brook trout, and the Albino trout. Well it doesn't stop there they also have Murray cod yep that's right cod! Golden perch (yellow belly) Silver perch is well. WOW see how awesome is this place, what are you doing still reading this?, with over 6 lakes to fish get your rods give brad a call get down there hahahaha. 


Day rate and cabin rates .

Day rate

$30 per person (adults) Kids half price

 Cabin rates

$70 per person per night  (min booking fee $120 applies)


Contact details




[email protected]