BOAT RAMPS

                                                           VICTORIAN BOAT RAMPS
week by week we will add more ramps so make sure you check back and look for what ramp has been added, If you have a ramp you want to see be added email us.


St Leonard's boat ramp is approx 35min from geelong in Victoria west.

St Leonard's ramp a open ramp exposed to elements, its subject to choppy condition's so make sure you check the weather before launching, the best wind forecast to launch your boat are.

West winds up to 20kts

North west winds up to 15kts

North winds up to 12to15kts

South west winds up to 15 kts

south winds up to 12to15kts

                                                                         East winds up to 12kts

St Leonards ramp is effected by tides, low tide can be very hazardous so seek caution when launching, the ramp can cater for all boat types up to 7m in length just seek caution when launching at low tide.


Altona boat ramp is located in altona off altona rd in seahome, the ramp can hold up to 72 cars in the car park and around 70 in the over flow. Altona ramp has 6 launching lanes making launching easy, the ramp has two rock walls around it making the ramp a safe harbour, and is safe to launch any tide as the depth is maintained at a safe depth for boats of all sizes. Altona ramp becomes victoria's 2nd busiest ramp in the hype of snapper season, so seek caution when wanting to fish the snapper season, allow extra time for launching and retrieving. 


Launching way ramp is located on the patterson lakes river in carrum in melbourne's eastern side of port phillip bay. Launching way is by far melbourne's busiest ramp, the ramp is easy to launch all weather conditions as its protected by all weather. Warning!!!! the entrance to the patto river is subject to weather boating with caution when going through the entry of the river.  


Mornintion ramp is located in the heart of mornition, a easy access ramp but the ramp is subject to westerly winds, north  and northwest winds. The carpark is small not holding many boats, so our tip is get there early in order to get a spot.


New port boat ramp, located in williamstown a two lane ramp a shalterd ramp from the weather. The ramp is a safe launching ramp in anywind due to its location and sundering rock walls, suited from 4m boats to 7m boats, only couple hundred spots available my advise is get there early for a spot.


This ramp is a little ripper in the outer reaches of geelong, with perfect access to port phillip bay north  and south and west. This  ramp allows you to launch your boat and get to anywhere, its good launching in all weather thanks to the rock walls that shelter the ramp. The ramp is good for boats of 4m to 7m, just seek caution at entry to the ramp can get shallow.


This ramp is the perfect all rounder for western port you can launch in any weather, its pretty sheltered from most weather. Just seek caution when navigating the channel as its tidal and can be dangerous on low tide. The ramp is a 4 lane ramp with 2 jettys to tie up to.